The Dictionary

Animal: The adjective used by Mum to describe Taylor’s table manners

Berserk: What happens to Taylor’s dog, Feni, when she is served her lunch even five seconds past twelve o’clock

Chaotic: The scene at the Skarr household, pretty much at any time of the day

Crossword: The only activity that dad rates over watching cricket on the telly for days on end [no exaggregation]

DeDe: Taylor’s signature short form for ”Dear Diary”

Dojo: Karate hall

Domineering: One work; Kathryn

Eew: What Kathryn says when she spots an article of clothing that covers her naval

Fudge: Heaven, according to Feni, the aforementioned Labrador

Glassy-eyed: What happens to Grandma when she gets mad [and when she gets mad, she gets REAL mad]

Holiday: What mum wants but never will get [thanks to her frustratingly frustrating daughters]

Important: What everyone believes they are

[Winning a] Jackpot: Daddy’s dream come true [so that he’ll finally have enough money to ship Kathryn and Taylor off to a military school for girls and be able to spend the rest of his days dining on champagne and ices with his beloved]

Kilimanjaro: ‘A new burger place or something. Who even cares?’ [As quoted by the knowledgeable Kathryn]

Laugh: What you, Dear Reader, should be doing by the time you have read this line!

Moron: The worst swear word that Taylor is aware of [NOT]

[Finger] Nail: Taylor’s favorite snack

Omlette: The only dish that, try as she might, mum cannot master

Pottering-around: Dad’s way of saying ‘Stop making me want to shove you girls out the house’

Quit[ting]: The one thing Taylor hates [sorry, sorry, dislikes]

Rummage-sales: Mum’s passion [along with antique stores]

Sobbing-Session: The phrase used by mum when Kathryn has a big Tear-Fest [probably because she didn’t have enough money to buy the last bottle of Coco Chanel]

Taylor [Skarr]: Why, the most awesome, hilarious, talented, intellectual, flawless being that ever trod upon earth, of course!

Trophyholic: One who is addicted to awards

Urchin: Grandpa’s nickname for just about everybody who is under five years old

Visper: The way Kathryn spells “whisper”

Washing [up]: What mums are born for

XTRA: The future-name for Taylor’s future billion-dollar-worth company

YOLO: Taylor’s favorite quote [If it can be classified as one]

Zip: The ONLY gadget [or whatever] that dad can’t seem to figure out


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