11.01.2014, Saturday, 03:39 pm


So far, I have not been able to live up to a single resolution and its been only TWO DAYS since I came up with them. I am LOUSY at sticking to my word, that’s for sure.

I have to say; so far, 2014 has SUCKED. Not ONE good thing has taken place so far AND it’s already ELEVEN days into the year!! Well, maybe ONE slightly positive event took place so far, but, seriously, ONE??? In almost two weeks?? Come ON!! Can there be a MORE sucky start??

Anyway, school re-opened on Monday. It was great. I mean, it WOULD have been great if I hadn’t been SWAMPED with homework. See, remember how I had to go to Manhattan for my book launch?? Well, had to choose between staying at school, or bunking studies and heading off for the launch. [Toughie, eh?] Obviously, I ditched the books as soon as possible, and NOW I face the consequences. Just yesterday, I had to;

1] Do a Shakespeare project for English [that carried half my grade]

2] Decorate a poster on Saving the Amazon

3] Write down trillion pages of French notes, AND [just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…]

4] Finish up THIRTY word problems on linear equations

Talk about tiring. Even EINSTEIN wouldn’t approve of THIS mental strain. Okay, maybe it isn’t exactly mental strain, but it sure counts as child labour doesn’t it??


25.12.2013, Thursday, 02:33 pm



Wow. That’s all I can really say right now. Just, wow. This was THE BEST Christmas EVER!!!!! [And I know I say that every Christmas, but, trust me, it gets better and better]

Not only did I share my day with Uncle Gavin, Aunt Samantha and my little, too-cute-to-be-true cousins, but I got the COOLEST stash of presents I could have ever hoped for!! All I was crossing my fingers for was maybe a new journal [this one is so worn out, it can be mistaken for a dirty cloth] and a few pens [I don’t keep my expectations high. Once, when I was about five,  I was crazy for this cool Disney Princess house that was, like, six feet tall with a kitchenette and stuff, and kept dropping not-so-subtle hints about seeing it under the tree on The Day. You can imagine my shock when, on Christmas, I saw a lousy, stinking bag of rubber bands waiting for me, instead of the cool Little Mermaid tent. Granted, I also got myself a sick pink mini-jeep, but I had my heart set on that thing].

I decided that I didn’t want to sneak up to The Tree in the middle of the night and sneak a peak, like I always do. Instead, I stayed in my room and rehearsed the lines I was going to say for when I opened up my -sure to be- lame presents. [Okay, that came out harsh. Its not like my parents don’t get me or buy me crap or anything. Its just that SOMETIMES I just don’t get what I want]

In the morning, I tried to paste a smile on my face as I raced downstairs and planted my butt on the ground, ready to start ripping open my presents. I was still in my PJ’s and my hair looked like it was a bird’s murder scene, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to get this over with.

Well, I was pretty darn amazed as I shredded one if the gift wraps and revealed this structure, with forty little circular spaces etched in the red satin. ‘Mum, what is this??’ I asked, although I was pretty sure I already knew her answer. ‘It’s a cute frame where you can store all your medals. Your father and I happened to spot it at the sports’s shop and decided it would be the perfect way for you to showcase all that you have achieved. We were thinking about hanging it up above the mantelpiece.’

I tried hard to stop a tear from trickling down. [I wasn’t CRYING. I NEVER cry. It’s only because I am allergic to… gift wrap with, um, polka dots] My parents knew how important my medals were to me. And now I finally had the opportunity to bring it out of the musty storeroom where it has been lying, gathering dust. Think about the bragging rights at school that this thing would cash into!!

Maybe I won’t have to use those rehearsed lines after all, I thought, as I thanked mum for her thoughtful gift. My parents also bought me the whole Adrian Mole series and fuschia swimming goggles. Uncle Gavin and Aunt Sammy gifted me a diary with a lock on it, [thank GAWD. At least now I don’t have to worry about Kathryn sneaking a peek into y innermost thoughts every time I have to use the loo] a pack of water-proof markers and night-vision specs.

Well, the room looked a mess, what with the bits of colored paper littered all over. Everyone was gathered around the warm, crackling fireplace. I felt a sense of warmth and togetherness as I piled up all my gifts into one high heap and shoved it under the tree.

So now, here I am, in my bedroom. I told everyone I needed to put my presents away, as an excuse to get back upstairs and spill e everything to you, DeDe. I doubt I will be able to write in you till 2014, because we will all be busy with bidding the relatives good bye.

Oops, I have to stop now. Feni is tugging my tee for her afternoon walk and I cannot afford her to have another little accident right in my bedroom [The stench is enought to make the sterdiest person faint].

Got to go!



23.12.2013, Monday, 07:54 pm


We are two days away from Christmas and here is a list of stuff that I have not done;

1] Bought presents for anyone [and this year I have to buy gifts for double the people because the relatives are here]

2] Put up The Tree

3] Made/purchased any cards

So you can see why I insisted on putting up The Tree as soon as I woke. Of course, as usual, nobody paid any attention whatsoever to the extremely important message I was trying to convey, so I stomped off to my room and stayed there till lunchtime. -As I always say, A girl can be mad as long as her tummy ain’t involved-

Thankfully, after eating till my stomach pleaded me to stop, I managed to talk some sense into Uncle Gavin who managed to persuade Aunt Sammy who forced Nat and Norman who cajoled mum who pulled dad who added Grandma and Grandpa into setting up The Tree.

Of course, by the time this whole chain of brainwashing was complete, the sun had set. Nevertheless, the Skarrs set off to the hall, each holding a part of The Tree. It was a merry occasion as everyone pitched in [yes, Kathryn as well, hard as it is to believe] and we finally did it. Yes, we did.

Then, Natalie, Norman and I decorated the whole place and decked up the dining room with mistletoes, holly and wreaths of green. It was a heart-warming moment as my darling cousins jointly placed the golden star on top of The Tree.

When I finally returned to my chamber, all ready to cross off one of the items on my To-Do Before Christmas list, CRASH!!!! There came a ear-splitting bang from downstairs. I rushed as fast as my legs could carry me and voila; right next to a toppled fir, stood Norman, sheepishly clutching his NinjaTurtles blade.

We are going to re-assemble The Tree tomorrow. And you can be sure that I will ban EACH AND EVERY explosive, destructive, detrimental, catastrophic, cataclysmic instrument from miles away from the house. See if I don’t.

22.12.2013, Sunday, 05:29 pm


As I squiggle [a fancy word for write] this, Kathryn is debating on whether to read The Ugly Duckling or Pinocchio [she is SIXTEEN], mum is wondering whether to wear a sixties gown or a funky mini for her annual BakeClub’s gala, Uncle Gavin and Aunt Samantha are thinking about going for a Jaws rerun at the multiplex, little Natalie and even littler Norman are fighting tooth and nail for the iPad mini and dad is pondering on whether to eat frog legs or smoked octopus for dinner.

Oh, we are a normal bunch, alright.

19.12.2013, Thursday, 12:42 pm



Even after repeating ‘I will not forget to pack my diary in my suitcase for the Manhattan writing contest winners banquet’ a hundred thousand times, I STILL forgot to pack my diary in my suitcase for the Manhattan writing contest winners banquet.

Just goes to show what I REALLY care about. I mean, I packed SEVEN packs of Gummy Bears and didn’t remember to stuff in my journal. Weird.


The winners banquet was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it, EVERY SINGLE SECOND. It was SUPER classy and I nearly swooned at the sight of Chetan Bhagat.

OK, no time to complete this post. Norman wants me to start a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode on his Surface. Later!

16.12.2013, Monday, 09:45 pm


Final packing for the trip. To Manhattan. Where I will -FINALLY- be recognised. As a PUBLISHED AUTHOR AT TWELVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO EXCITED that I wore my underwear upside-down. -You probably weren’t dying to hear that…-

There are pluses and minuses, the pluses being [duh] that I am FINALLY leaving for Manhattan and the minuses being that I will have to leave my cousin [And Unc Gavin. And Aunt Samantha] back here.

Why does EVERYTHING thats good have to have a muddy lining??????????? Why can’t I just bask in this wonderfully prestigious achievement WITHOUT feeling sick with guilt about that fact that I am kind of ditching my relatives [who have come over after FOUR YEARS] for some TABLET that I will receive onstage?? Yeah, maybe I AM going to meet some super famous authors and be mentioned [with pictures] in the national papers* but is all that worth bailing out on my family???

We’re going to leave for the airport in one hour, Mum and I. Wish Dad could come to but his back is killing him and I don’t think he would like to spend the next few evenings accompanying me in my victory dance.

On the other hand, maybe it really is best this way, Dad being home, because if he wasn’t then we’d have to lock Feni in a dark kennel where she’d probably be tortured and forced to eat >Gulp!< plain Pedigree Dentastix when EVERYONE knows she is only used to Royal Canine Babydog Milk???

OK, I have to go. Daddy is calling me. And I HAVE to pack you in, Dear Diary [I mean, DeDe]. I just HAVE to. If I don’t I will burst from emotional tension and maybe even… DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[I have to pack you…. I just HAVE to!!!!]

13.12.2013, Friday, 08:18 pm


SO sorry I haven’t been able to blog for SO long.

But I have been SUPER busy. There have been tens of thousands of things cluttering my mind every single second of the day. If that ain’t exhausting, add a daily entry in your dusty ol’ journal and you’re gonna be in line for a nervous breakdown, pal!!

On the TERRIFIC side, I have my trip to Manhattan in THREE DAYS [!!!!!!] where I will be finally acknowledged as a published author AT TWELVE [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]!!!! PLUS, my cutsie-wootsie cousins have dropped in for a visit, along with Uncle G and Aunt S and I cannot BEGIN explaining how much I love those guys… AND, if that weren’t enough, my cuzes,’ Kathryn and I are planning a super-secret ”thing.” -Sorry I can’t tell you about it, DeDe, in case Uncle G finds this diary and flips through the pages… He’s been DYING to know what we’re up to-

On the not-so terrific side, I can’t see my school buddies for the next five days [thanks to the weekend and my ”big trip” AND my stupid karate-competition major-flunk keeps nagging me.

I have to go, DeDe. Natalie [she’s ten] and Norman [he’s eight] are calling me for a new update on our super-secret plan. L8R!!!

P.S: I know that there are a lot of people out there who believe that using ”SMS language” is destroying English, but I have read a real mind-changing post on The NY Times stating the exact opposite. And frankly, I prefer trusting a national paper over dumb pedestrians who can’t differentiate Jung from Nadal. SO THERE!!!!!!!