09.11.2013, Saturday, 08:23 pm


Back from karate class with the worst news ever. I thought this month was going to be a relaxation period. You know, after the restless October during which I spent every waking moment terrorizing myself about my purple belt exam.

Looks like November is going to be a repetition, though, because guess what?? I have a state-level tournament coming up on the twenty-third. Aw shucks, I couldn’t have asked for anything BETTER for Christmas.

Now not only will I have to deal with the stress of my competition in my every thought, I will have to bear the smiling faces of my classmates as the festive season draws closer without throwing a pillow to stop them from grinning to heartily.

The only good part about this whole thing is the medals. I may sound like a trophyholic [check The Dictionary for the definition!] but, believe me, I am. I mean, I’m not. Who am I kidding?? Of COURSE I’m obsessed with awards and achievements. Well, I HAVE to be if I want a shot at getting into Oxford, right??

Anyway, the result of Sensei announcing the dates is one disheartened girl and a wasted month [because of all the tension, I won’t be able to enjoy the next fifteen days and savor the few days left before the New Year. Damn.]

This is just a big blow. It hasn’t even been ten days since my exam. Oh wait, it has. But, you get the point, don’t you?? Even a tad more pressure could have find me in a nervous breakdown. Do you know how serious that is?

Oh wait, how could YOU know the solemness of the situation?? Your just a diary. A book. An emotionless journal who safely guards my innermost thoughts. You don’t have a brain. You don’t think. You can’t subtract or work out basic division. You don’t know what you get if you add Iron to Oxygen in the presence of moisture. Your dumb. Stupid.

*Keep in mind that the author was undergoing a stressful period as she wrote this out and did not mean what she said. Promise.