31.12.2013, Tuesday, 11:42 pm


The last day of 2013. The LAST day. There is NEVER going to be another day in the 2013, EVER.

Which also means that this will be my last entry of 2013.

This year has been okay-ish. I mean, there were some pretty great triumphs that had me over the moon, but it had its fair share of down-in-the-dumps time.

Oh, and just FYI [future-me], the relatives left back for Aussie yesterday. I felt myself fight back tears [that were probably prompted by the fact that I was standing near the flower vase and everyone knows I have hay fever. The tears were not because I was CRYING. Duh. I NEVER cry]

I can still recall Aunt Sammy telling me on the third day of their visit that the only thing she was worried about at that point of time was how we were going to spend the rest of their holiday because there were just so many days left. Now I wish I had that time back, because it just seemed to fly past me like a whir of fun, laughter and family bonding [Ew. I can’t believe I’ve started using mom-speak].

The top five moment of this year would have to be;

#5: Nabbing those three gold medals at my karate exam [thus setting the all-time class record of the most number of golds ever won at a single examination. Sweet!]

#4: Winning that cool baja-blue, best-martial artist trophy at the state-level karate banquet. [I haven’t mentioned that in my journal because that took place in January, WAY before my diary-days]

#3: Finding out that I’d come out tops at the national level literary competition [and, in the process, becoming a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!! AT TWELVE!!!!!! -which reminds me; I haven’t told you, DeDe, much about the winner’s banquet at Manhattan, have I?? Which is so totally weird as I usually find it hard to STOP spilling my guts out to you…-]

#2 and #1 [it was I tie. I really couldn’t decide]: Listening to mum and dad tell me that we were going to spend the Summer break IN DUBAI!!!!!!! and seeing Uncle G, Aunt S and Natalie and Norman as they climbed up the front porch [seconds before I flung myself at them, suffering from a serious case of Hay Fever]

Well. Those are the most cherished highlights. The dreaded ones are something I’d rather not go into at the moment [I wouldn’t like to trigger my allergy of… dark moments, now would I??]


It’s 11:59!! Time to go and count down the seconds with my family. Although I really confide in you, Dearest Diary [I mean, DeDe], sometimes, stuff is reserved for doing with my parents and Kathryn [however annoyingly obsessed she is with lip gloss].

10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2.. 1..