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28.03.2014, Friday, 01:28 pm


April first is the last day of school. Then begin the dreaded exams. But after they get over, we have a ten days of vacation. OK, ten is measly when compared to TWO MONTHS, but at least we get a break before the next academic year begins.

I’m excited about getting into the eighth because it seems like I’ve been in this standard for WAY too long. Of course, its only been a year, just like every other grade. Maybe the seventh feels like its been going on for a decade because of all the milestones that punctuated it. And all the drama. As well as that overwhelming feeling I kept getting, that told me to relax; everything would be just fine. And the next moment, the whole place exploded.

It has been awesome, the whole experience. It had ups, downs, sides, parts that I want to forget but can’t seem to [like the day I Googled ‘Small Pox’ and found a HUGE collection of pictures I’d rather erase from my memory, preferably forever] and memories that I never want to let go.

From this entry we can draw two conclusions; 1] Seventh grade RULES and 2] I suck at trying to be poetic.

25.03.2014, Tuesday, 12:42 pm


I don’t know where to begin. What about here;


Why?? Well, maybe it was because of the fact that we spent FOUR HOURS in the pool. Or maybe because we tried mock tails for the first time ever [whats screams teenagehood more than a bubbly Appletini??].

I am assuming it only appropriate to start from the beginning, so let the story commence from when Dad dropped me off at Blu [yeah, that’s the name of the bird in Rio], the swanky, five-star resort where Krissa was holding the gala.

I walked into the hotel’s gates and was directed to the pool, a cool lagoon that overlooked Cha Cha Cha, a posh restaurant full of happy [by saying that they were “happy” I am just making an assumption. Obviously, I did not go to each one of them personally and ask them about their present state of mind or anything. I was just PRESUMING that they were at least content. -The only reason I added that last bit was because I don’t need one of the Cha Cha Cha diners getting hold of my diary and then suing me in the American court for making false statements, i.e, that they were happy. Gawd knows that I’m broke anyway, what with my non existent weekly allowance-] those , hungry people.

As expected, I was greeted by this crazy bunch of middle-school girls who went “Taylor!! You made it!! Yeah!!” for a little over three minutes [which is the time it took for me to change into my swim stuff and flip into the pool].

We didn’t do much during the first hour in the pool, just waddled around and splashed everyone else. You know, the usual stuff kids do when together at bodies of water.

After about sixty minutes of doing nothing, Krissa’s Mum [who will from this moment on be referred to as Mrs Sawyer] prodded us out of the pool and led us to the K-table, which was basically this counter decorated with balloons and streamers.

Here is what happened just after I got out of the water;

Mrs Sawyer: OK girls, choose a seat.

Everyone: Yes Mrs Sawyer!!

Everyone: *Takes Seat* [Separate seats, of course]

Mrs Sawyer: Now look under your seats!!

Me: *Gropes under seat. Finds soft thing. Pulls out soft thing, only to find out that its a…

Mrs Sawyer: SERONGUE surprise!!!

Me: *Looks around blankly as other kids squeal in delight over finally owning a “serongue.”*

Greta: OOOHHHH!!!! I’ve ALWAYS wanted one of these!! Thank you SO much, Mrs S!!

Isabelle: ME TOO!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Mrs Sawyer!!

Chantal: This one is so ME!! You’re the best, Mrs Sawyer!!

Ashley: TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!

Me: *Still wondering what the heck just happened*

Everyone-Except-[Who Else??]Me: *Ties the serongue around themselves*

Me: Wait a minute… I’m supposed to WEAR this??

Krissa: Yeah, silly!!

Me: Um… OK…

Mrs Sawyer: Here, Taylor, let me help you with that

Mrs Sawyer: *fastens my serongue*

Patricia: [Patty’s one of Mrs Sawyer’s colleagues who came over here to help her out with the party] Now I want everybody to go on over to that fountain right over there and wait for further instructions

Everyone: *Scoots over to the aforementioned*

Patricia: Do you guys see flowers and drinks on the table to your left??

Everyone: YEAH!!

Patricia: So I want you to go pick a mocktail and a flower to go with it.

-That’s when my classmates REALLY go berserk-

Tamara: MOCKTAILS????????

Laura: Omigosh!!! This is totally the best bash ever!!

Violet: First the AMAZE serongues and now THIS??? Wow!!!!!!!

-Here’s where I casually scoop up a beverage and casually rest it on my palm and casually smile at the camera… wait, the CAMERA?????????? Patty’s taking PHOTOGRAPHS of us with nothing but PIECES OF CLOTH patched up over our two-pieces??????? AND with suspicious mugs half full of  liquid nestled in our arms???? And everybody else is OK with this??????????-

-Who am I kidding?? I LOVED the photo session!! When have I ever been even slightly hesitant to strike up a pose, especially if it was going to be captured forever??-

Well, that turned out to be an awesome half an hour. I divided my time between digging into a plate of fries, running around screaming “tag, you’re it!!” with my pals and wishing I’d brought my journal along.

Finally, Mrs S went, ‘If you want, you can return to the water.’

That’s all it took to get my classmates hyper all over again.  Screaming, kicking, scolding, thrashing. Everybody wanted to get into pool first. We’d just been lazing around, getting all baked up for quite a while and needed that fresh boost that only chlorinated H2O can provide.

Then we spent THREE hours in the pool. THREE. I know, it sounds long and boring and simply a waste of time, but it was KICK ASS!! I don’t know why I enjoyed it more than the first dip, but I did, even though we did pretty much the same thing.

Anyway, at around eight, we got out, dried up [in the most heavenly Turkish towels I have ever felt touch my skin] and strapped on our serongues. Time for dinner!!

The food was amazing. We had lasagna, the first I’d had in weeks, and it was just a bundle of cheesy goodness. Then, for dessert, we had bites of Krissa’s creamy black forest cake, along with ice cream swirls.

Now for the surprise.

Well, at first I was a bit disappointed, because after changing and piling into Mrs Sawyer’s coupe, we just drove on to K’s house. [Which, I’ll admit, is WAY cool, but STILL. Surprises are best had outdoors]

Mrs S ordered us to climb up the stairs that led to the terrace and PRERYDRERY!!

What do we see standing there but thirteen magnificently handcrafted WISH LAMPS?????? How AWESOME, right?? Mrs S asked us each to silently wish for something for Krissa. There were thirteen of us in all, including K’s Mum.

[I can’t tell even you, DeDe, what I wished for Krissa because it will jinx it. Sorry!!!]

Oops, got to run!! Mum’s waiting for me to accompany her to the supermarket and I totally forgot!! I KNEW should have used that wish lantern to get myself a better memory!!

23.03.2014, Sunyday, 12:34 pm


Party in four hours. FOUR HOURS!!!

I am SO excited… Krissa said that after dinner, her Mum is driving us someplace for a “surprise.” Have I told you how much I love surprises??

There’s good news and bad news, DeDe. The good news is… Well, there really isn’t any good news. The bad news is that I won’t be able to take you to Krissa’s place because of safety precautions. I’m sorry, OK?? But stuff that has to be done, just has to be done.

So… I guess this is Goodbye, huh?? I mean, only until Tuesday [remember I’m staying over at K’s residence??]…

There I go again, talking to a book. Gosh, I am SUCH a lunatic.

20.03.2014, Wednesday, 04:10 pm


Can’t… Breathe…

Need… PARTY!!!!!!

18.03.2014, Monday, 02:22 pm


Have to get…

Have to get to…


I am so birthday-crazed right now. The thought of Krissa’s soiree is the only thing I think about nowadays. I’ve packed and repacked seven billion times, gone to the gift store five trillion times and made about forty nine thousand cards…

There’s no denieing it. I have caught the party bug.

And I am SO doomed.

15.03.2014, Friday, 01:41 pm


Just found out that we’re just having only ONE month of summer vacations. WHY?? That’s like a YEAR without chocolate. Kids depend on their school breaks like humans depend on OXYGEN. So why are the teachers cutting of our air supply??

This is just so unfair. How would THEY like it if we told them that from this moment onwards, smoking in the teacher’s lounge is NOT ALLOWED??????? HUH???????

The only remotely good part of today was that Krissa Lawrenson invited me to her thirteenth birthday bash thats on the twenty-third. After my Miami championship, this is exactly what I need. I mean, was there ever a more powerful stress buster than just hanging in a pool with your best friends?? [Did I mention that it’s a pool party??]

Even though its EIGHT days away, I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. Maybe it’s because my brain so desperately needs SOMETHING to look forward to, otherwise it’ll go BSHWATCH and explode into a zillion pieces. So I think I’m going to go pack my swim suit and all for the party. [I’m a weirdo and I know it!!]