13.12.2013, Friday, 08:18 pm


SO sorry I haven’t been able to blog for SO long.

But I have been SUPER busy. There have been tens of thousands of things cluttering my mind every single second of the day. If that ain’t exhausting, add a daily entry in your dusty ol’ journal and you’re gonna be in line for a nervous breakdown, pal!!

On the TERRIFIC side, I have my trip to Manhattan in THREE DAYS [!!!!!!] where I will be finally acknowledged as a published author AT TWELVE [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]!!!! PLUS, my cutsie-wootsie cousins have dropped in for a visit, along with Uncle G and Aunt S and I cannot BEGIN explaining how much I love those guys… AND, if that weren’t enough, my cuzes,’ Kathryn and I are planning a super-secret ”thing.” -Sorry I can’t tell you about it, DeDe, in case Uncle G finds this diary and flips through the pages… He’s been DYING to know what we’re up to-

On the not-so terrific side, I can’t see my school buddies for the next five days [thanks to the weekend and my ”big trip” AND my stupid karate-competition major-flunk keeps nagging me.

I have to go, DeDe. Natalie [she’s ten] and Norman [he’s eight] are calling me for a new update on our super-secret plan. L8R!!!

P.S: I know that there are a lot of people out there who believe that using ”SMS language” is destroying English, but I have read a real mind-changing post on The NY Times stating the exact opposite. And frankly, I prefer trusting a national paper over dumb pedestrians who can’t differentiate Jung from Nadal. SO THERE!!!!!!!

27.10.2013, Sunday, 9:02 pm


Just back from the karate exam.


I TOPPED THE CLASS AND EARNED SEVENTY FIVE MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >Beams around to nobody in particular<

I didn’t get any medals though, but that’s only because Sensei declared this to be a ‘no-badge’ exam. Just as well. I mean, I am QUITE content right now. Let’s face it; my life is friggin’ [okay, I shouldn’t have sworn, but this journal is basically another way of voicing myself to… well, myself, and if I can’t live with the person I am, then what is the point, really??] AWESOME right now. I mean;

1] Uncle Gordon is dropping over for a ONE MONTH visit all the way from good ol’ Aussie [Australia, duh] and who in their right minds does NOT love Uncle Gordon???????? En plus, [moreover, in French] Aunt Sandy and the little ones are popping over as well. More the merrier, right??

2] I still haven’t gotten over the fact that we have a FIFTEEN DAY break from school.

3] My unprofessional karate/literary career has reached its peak [not too sure about this, but I guess so]

4] Mum’s close friend’s brother’s [that’s a LOT of apostrophes, eh?] wedding is on the twenty-seventh of November [exactly one month from this very moment] and so the whole family is flying over to celebrate this wonderful [more like icky] occasion. [The only reason I am at all excited about this is because of the -no, not the boring church stuff OR the gross kissing [you know, when the priest goes, ‘You may kiss the bride’] but because of the- cake]

5] Well, that’s about it.

Just re-reading this list has made my dizzy. Mum says giddiness is a sign of hunger. I guess I’d better go crunch on that extra-large pack of Barbecue chips in the snack tin[yes, that’s also the one that dad highly disproves of] right away -not because I want to, you know, rebel or anything [or because I think junk food is one of the loves of my life], but because I think that even if daddy was here [which he is not; he’s away to Chicago for a business trip{AGAIN}] I think he’d rather I gobble up the crisps than faint or anything.

So, that leads to

LAYS????!!!!!??? Beware, for here comes the munch-monster on a munching spree!! Mwahaha!!!!


27.10.2013, Sunday, 12:27 pm


This is it. The day has arrived. “It” has come.

TODAY IS THE DAY OF MY PURPLE BELT -yes, there is such a thing as a purple belt in martial arts- GRADING EXAMINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [And yes, all of the exclamation marks were necessary]

I know that it is vital for me to calm down [and stop having a fit every time I glance at my freshly ironed karate uniform that’s just back from the launderette], but HOW????? I have tried all the relatives suggestions [and I have about seven busloads of them, so it took a while] like thinking about stuff that helps me relax [CHOCOLATE!!] and watching T.V but NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!! [When I couldn’t de-stress myself even AFTER previewing THREE movies on the telly, I realised that this situation was serious]

I’ve got to go, DeDe. You know, practice my moves and all. I’ll keep you updated on the results. >Crosses Fingers and passes out<



16.10.2013, Thursday, 2:27 pm


To nervous about the karate exam to write. More later.

07.10.2013, Monday, 3:42 pm


Went through the Monday morning blues this morning. Not because it was the abrupt end to my gloriously liberal weekend, either. But because of the fight. A minor conflict that gradually increased to World War Three. A small issue that could be solved in seconds with a calm mind and the presence of a non-angry human. Unfortunately, we had neither of the aforementioned, so our quarrel did, in fact, escalate into a HUGE fist-fight that had it’s share of blows.

In the end, Kathryn’s bruises got SO bad that she ran and sneaked on me. To DAD. Well, that TOTALLY got me into hot water. I mean, dad is SUPER strict about obedience and behavior and non-violence and stuff like that. So you can guess how much trouble I was in when Kathryn slid next to dad and was all, ‘Daddy, Taylor just poked me in the eye with a pencil and called me a nerd!!’ She screamed, stomping her legs like a typical BRAT. So, obviously, dad was like, ‘Taylor, come here this instant,’ in his I-mean-business voice and I gulped real hard and stammered, ‘Yes-s, D-dad-d??’ And then what COULD have been a perfectly pleasant evening, it turned into a let’s-Taylor-all-she-does-wrong event [thanks to dear darling Kathryn].

Anyway, the worst part is that once I returned from school, mum was all alone, hunched up over the iPad mini in the hall. I kissed her hello and asked where dad was. ‘He’s away on a business trip, Taylor,’ -the Taylor part stung because mum never calls me buy my name- I nodded solemnly and was about to head into my room when she added, ‘Oh, and before I forget, you need not bother to dress up for karate today. Your father and I have decided that as your behavior is not exactly up to the mark now a days, we have decided to put your extracurricular activities on hold for a while, and if you don’t improve, we may even have to discontinue your external classes,’ she informed.

My heart skipped a beat as my little world, my cozy universe, came crumbling down beside me. I thought I didn’t hear right. But I didn’t bother to ask my mum to repeat herself, because I knew that my not thinking I heard correctly had nothing to do with my hearing. [Okay, maybe I haven’t been stressing too much on the fact that karate is really important to me considering how busy I have been with narrating the other stuff that happens in and around my life [and seriously, would you REALLY like to hear how high I kicked last class?? I would think not]]

So here I am, opening my soul, revealing my secrets, having a conversation with a book. [I have SO got to visit a therapist ASAP] Humph.