15.08.2014, Friday, 09:48 am


To Whom It May Concern [AKA The PreTeenRebel Subsribers]:

Hey guys!! It’s Taylor here and I wanted to tell y’all what a great journey it has been; this whole blogging experience. Unfortunately, as I turned thirteen one minute ago [!!!!!!!], it’s time to deactivate this website -due to the fact that the title AND URL not-so-subtly hint that the author [that’s me] is not yet a teenager-. Forever.

Fear not, though. I mean, I’m not SO cruel as to leave you Taylor-less for the rest of your lives. That’s why I’ve set up a new domain for myself to write stuff on, this time, as a teen. I’ve decided to call it The Klutz Daily [because who represents klutziness more aptly than I do?? I mean, SERIOUSLY]. So go check it out and FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!! [No pressure, huh??]

See you on the other side,

-Taylor Skarr

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-AT THIRTEEN!!!!!!!!-]