17.10.2013, Thursday, 1:47 pm


First day of the exams. I wasn’t at ALL nervous… that is, until I stepped into the classroom. On the blackboard, scrawled with the whitest chalk you have ever seen, were the words “Social Science Exam Today. BEST OF LUCK!!” I froze. My heart stopped beating, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and the room temperature suddenly shot up to a hundred degrees. Were my eyes playing tricks on me or was today our…’SOCIAL SCIENCE!!!’ I screeched, unable to think of anything else to say. My mind swooshed around as I dashed to my bench and pulled out my Geography text.

Of course, I had [as usual] messed up the exam schedule. I had assumed we had our literature paper today, but was in for an unpleasant shock when I realised that I was, in fact, due to answer my Social Studies exam today. Great.

I dashed to my bench where I shoved my backpack next to me and tore open my Geography textbook. All I can say is this; I am SO GLAD I have a good memory [not to boast or anything, but seriously, how can you NOT see my amazing brilliance??]. I completed all eight chapters in half an hour [the time allotted for revision -or, in my case, serious mugging-] and was all set for the test to begin. 

That’s all that’s worth mentioning today. Except for the fact that I am still as hungry as a baboon although I had a REAL hearty lunch. You want to know why?? I’ve come up with Taylor Skarr’s Law Of Digestion which has got ALL you need to know about where your food REALLY goes [no, it is NOT your stomach smarty pants] and Law #2785 states that when one is nervous, the anxiety eats away the food BEFORE it has the chance to get to the blood and form energy and stuff so even if you’ve had a meal fir for an army two hours ago but you’re a bit nervous about that conference, forget feeling full, because it is not going to happen.

And I am feeling so edgy about my karate exam right now that even if I raid all the fridges of the world and empty their contents into my tummy, I won’t feel a thing. Not a thing.