10.10.2013, Thursday, 6:29 pm


Got in a row with Coach Krammer first thing in the morning for arriving late. Sure wasn’t a very good start to the morning.

The rest of the day wasn’t very fruitful, either. I guess the main highlight was that during seventh period French, [mademoiselle Zeline was absent] Chantal, Malaika and I paraded through the corridors singing this LAME rap song we’d come up with [you basically go, ‘Your a big fat silly billy goo GOO!’ till your lungs are ready to explode]. Of course, it wasn’t long before we got busted by Vice Principal Tara and earned ourselves half an hour detention. Of course, it could have been worse. We could have been suspended. But our actions didn’t deserve such great lengths of punishment. [Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a teensy-weency bit when I said that we were “Parading the corridors, singing.” It was more like circling the classroom while rapping]

I have never got detention before, and it was some what unsettling to be seated in a class of adolescent ruffians who considered this form of penalty an extracurricular activity. It was like my fellow first-offenders were emitting a negative vibe, you know what I mean?? Anyway, I opened up a book and spent the rest of the afternoon engrossed in the latest Mitch Albom novel I had borrowed from the library. Then. once I reached home, I basically wasted my time playing Jetpack Joyride on the KindleFire. I know, I know. The exams are a week away and I haven’t even opened my books once [unless by books you mean the latest Meg Cabot].

Oops, DeDe mum’s calling me for an early “tenner” which is the term she has coined to describe a tea cum dinner. [Yes, the insanity runs in the family]