18.04.2014, Thursday, 3:14 pm


School’s reopened and all everybody can think of is the council elections [even though it is ELEVEN days away]. Some candidates are going CRAZY [bribing-kids-with-CELL-PHONES crazy].

So we should all thank Gawd that there are SOME cool cats like me. I haven’t even campaigned ONCE. I just lazed around the cafeteria, watching my bread get mouldy…


Did you really believe that super competitive MOI was just going to SIT BACK while my opponents handed out candy with their faces printed on??

Although I wasn’t as prepared as everyone else [I don’t have enough pocket money to go to the MOVIES, forget buy laptops for everyone] but I summoned all my buddies and we ran around the school, screaming ‘VOTE FOR LION!! VOTE FOR LION!!! You KNOW it’s the right thing to do!!’ [The Lion is my symbol]

Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with a more orgiginal slogan by tomorrow.

Not sure whether I will be able to diary much nowadays, DeDe. My whole being is consumed by the election bug. Hopefully I should be cured by the twenty-ninth.