23.01.2014, Thursday, 05:44 pm


The weirdest thing happened today.

I was downing a glass of orange juice and wondering whether or not I should refill my cup when I got a sudden urge to… to destroy. I don’t know how else I can put it.

I mean, everything I spotted after that moment was in immediate danger of being crushed under my bare hands. Instead of trying to beat it, I decided to give in to this impulse.

I rushed over to my room and brought out a bunch of stuff I don’t use anymore. Then I picked out the smallest object from the lot, a Looney Toons pencil.

Grasping it in both hands, I snapped it into two. Instead of taming my suddenly savage side, breaking the pencil seemed to drive me further. Come on kiddo, I thought, you can do better than THAT!!

And so, I grabbed a Prom Barbie. TWACK!! It cracked into tiny pieces, legs, arms and two-inch clothes clothes flying everywhere.

Within fifteen minutes I’d gotten to the bottom of my stash, but I still wasn’t ready to stop. I wanted more, WAY more.

So I dug about my room for the useless junk that topples out my pockets after school; expired candy, crusty bits of paper that have hardened over time, stuff like that. I started  twisting, turning, ripping, shredding. It was the most fun I’ve had with torn-up test papers.

Well, I soon finished wrecking every single bit of garbage in the room. I needed a new source, and I new just the place; Kathryn’s parlor.

Of course, I was putting myself at a risk, because if Mum or [even worse] Kathryn walked in, I could be in major trouble. We’re talking at least two grounded weeks, and I can’t afford that, considering how the football quarter finals match is just around the corner and I can’t miss that for ANYTHING.

On the other hand, nobody was at home [except Dad] due to Kathryn’s PTA meeting [Mum forces her to go for every single one even thought there is not a single student there, for obvious reasons. I mean, it isn’t a Parent Teacher STUDENT Association] so it was a PERFECT opportunity to get my hands on some breakable rubbish.

So I sneak into my elder sister’s chamber and search the whole place for eye liners, sunglasses, ANYTHING that I can disfigure. Gosh, who knew make-up was so cool!! I crumpled every tube, snipped every paper, flushed down every lip stick… I was TOTALLY KILLING IT!!!!!

[I tried to dismiss what I would face once Kathryn got home. I was too depressing to think about, really]

Pretty soon, I wanted to begin a totally new phase of Project: Demolish, I wanted to feel the fire… I wanted to BURN. Like, light up stuff and watch it go up into smoke.

Well, I alighted quite a few things [including some of the mail that came in today] and I have to say, it was pretty awesome. Just the feeling of being so in control… It was the GREATEST.

Anyway, I think I’ll stop writing now. My finger is twitching [a sign -that I have now gotten quite used to- that means if I am not out of contact with the object I’m touching in roughly ten seconds, I’m gonna be forced to blow it up] and that cannot be a good thing.