29.04.2014, Monday, 01:22 pm


The Elections

I, along with the other nominees, am nervously sitting in the darkly lit auditorium. There’s a threatening vibe around this place that I can’t seem to ignore. It feels like its saying “Na na na na na!! You’re TOTES not gonna’ win, hon!! Why did you even BOTHER coming to school at all?? Ultimate LOSERS like you aren’t allowed, so BACK OFF!!”

Principal Roosevelt is coming onto the stage… And he has just announced that the counting of votes will take place shortly. SHORTLY!!!! How long is that?? Five, maybe ten, minutes?? Or does he mean shortly in one hour?? Maybe LESS than five minutes. Maybe RIGHT NOW!!!!

Oh, here come the teachers with the huge vote-buckets. They’re going to start in “a bit.” I wonder what they mean by “a bit.” You can never really tell with teachers. What if they’re going to start in half an hour. Or-



29.04.2014, Monday, 12:34 pm


I know, I know. I swore that I would never ever EVER get my diary to school. Truth be told, I’m not even sure it was a remotely good idea to bring my journal here [when I very well know the consequences that could befall me if a peer got their hands on this very precious book].

But when I woke this morning, I knew, deep down, that unless I confided in someone, something, I was not going to make it to tomorrow.

Actually, I was even seriously considering faking a tummy ache and staying at home, but that was before I realized that it it worked and Mum was convinced that I was really ill, I would be losing the only vote I can possibly hope for, namely; mine.

So, gathering up the courage I had left [which, needless to say, is not very much] I managed to get on with life like as if today was a completely normal day… Until now.

Crap, it’s time for our class to go vote. On the outside, I’m this super-confidant young girl who effortlessly parades along corridors requesting votes. On the inside, I am a sobbing damsel, waiting for this whole thing to be over to that I can go home…

… and explode into a million pieces.

28.04.2014, Sunday, 12:03 pm


IT is tomorrow. TOMORROW.

There is NO WAY that I’m getting out of this alive. I have THE most powerful opponents in the history of Red House Girl Captain opponents and I can assure you, DeDe, that it is going to be a BLOODBATH.

Here are mini-profiles of my three fellow-candidates:


Name: Camille Preston

Age: Fourteen

Grade: Ninth

Likes: Yoga and Meditation under flowering trees

Pet peeve: Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

Notes: Her brother is Jason Preston. Yes, THE Jason Preston. He went off to Harvard this year, but was, by far, the most popular student and that sibling relationship alone should probably get Cam half of the votes, without her having to life a finger. [Some ducks really DO have all the luck, eh?]



Name: Amanda Quadros

Age: Fourteen

Grade: Ninth

Likes: Push-ups and broccoli [EUCH!!]

Pet peeves: Junk food and people who get in her way [Gulp!]

Notes: Amanda has a younger sister in the seventh who just so happens to have the BIGGEST mouth I have ever seen on a twelve year old. If Amanda thinks that any of her opponents stands a chance of grabbing the title from her, one word with her sister and the competition’s votes immediately take a plunge.



Name: Cassidy Hope

Age: Thirteen

Grade: Eighth

Likes: I seriously have NO ides. Cassidy is one of the QUIETEST girl in our form.

Pet peeves: As above

Notes: –



23.04.2014, Tuesday, 04:32 pm



Stop it, Taylor!! Don’t get all tensed up for NOTHING. It’s just a measly school council elections. Don’t get upset just because. That’s it, girl. Inhale, exhale. Slowly. Inhaaaale, Exhaaaale. Once again, Inhaaa…


18.04.2014, Thursday, 3:14 pm


School’s reopened and all everybody can think of is the council elections [even though it is ELEVEN days away]. Some candidates are going CRAZY [bribing-kids-with-CELL-PHONES crazy].

So we should all thank Gawd that there are SOME cool cats like me. I haven’t even campaigned ONCE. I just lazed around the cafeteria, watching my bread get mouldy…


Did you really believe that super competitive MOI was just going to SIT BACK while my opponents handed out candy with their faces printed on??

Although I wasn’t as prepared as everyone else [I don’t have enough pocket money to go to the MOVIES, forget buy laptops for everyone] but I summoned all my buddies and we ran around the school, screaming ‘VOTE FOR LION!! VOTE FOR LION!!! You KNOW it’s the right thing to do!!’ [The Lion is my symbol]

Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with a more orgiginal slogan by tomorrow.

Not sure whether I will be able to diary much nowadays, DeDe. My whole being is consumed by the election bug. Hopefully I should be cured by the twenty-ninth.



11.04.2014, Friday, 01:22 pm


CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I slept till twelve today [what?? It’s not like I have anything ELSE to do, anyway] and woke up with a slight headache because of Feni’s way-too-loud-to-be-considered-normal snoring [seriously. Since what do DOGS SNORE??????].

I toppled out of bed in my SuperMan nightie and made my way to the kitchen, where Mum was busy preparing lunch. ‘Good afternoon, hun!! Sleep well??’ She interrogated, tossing vegetables into the frying pan. ‘Uh huh,’ I mumbled, thinking it best not to mention Feni’s nightly “problem” just yet.

‘Oh, and there’s something in the mail for you,’ Mum informed, uncorking a bottle of orange juice and splashing it into glasses. ‘Oh… OK,’ I muttered, already shuffling towards the newspaper rack [where we usually stuff our mail] and started leafing through the bunch of letters, feeling extremely exhausted [even though I’d only just woken up from THIRTEEN HOURS of uninterrupted slumber].

The moment I laid my eyes on it, I KNEW it was going to change my life FOREVER. And maybe that IS a bit of an exaggeration, but what are you gonna do about it?? Read my diary????

Anyway, I wedged my package out of the clutter before charging to my room and flopping onto my bed. Slowly, as if to preserve its overpowering brilliance, I fingered the ivory cover, softly peeling it off. I figured it was a school-related document, thanks to GBMS’s emblem embossed on the front of the envelope. Once I read the document enclosed, I couldn’t believe it.

Was it… Was I… Did the… ??

Dear Taylor Skarr,

We, the staff at GBMS, have nominated you and three other students from your grade for the post of Red Houe Girl Captain. Congratulations!! Once school officially commences on April twentieth, we will make this announcement public. 

The school will hold the student elections on the twenty-fifth, so prepare a speech and send us an eMail with the symbol you choose by tomorrow. 

Congratulations once again,

Principal Rodrigues 

There you have it!! The shortest, sweetest, [probably only] letter I have ever received. I’m still in my night clothes, so I’d better go change. [The odour is already too strong to bear]

07.04.2014, Thursday, 03:38 pm


Oh YEAH, baby!! Today was the last day of the exams and I’m as happy as… well, Pharrell Williams. I’ve had ENOUGH of moping classmates who roam around with text books glued to their eyes [well, practically]. It’s time to loosen up and PARTAY!!!!

My calendar’s pretty much booked solid for the next two weeks. Pals have been throwing invites at me left, right and centre, and being the awesome buddy that I am, I accepted every one of them. The only problem is that the only ones who can drop me to and from friend’s houses are Mum and Dad, and I am quite certain they have more pressing issues to deal with than driving me to Ashley’s for a Harry Potter marathon.