01.04.2014, Tuesday, 03:25 pm


Penning this down because I’m not sure whether it really took place¬†or whether I imagined the whole thing. If it really happened, then I can safely affirm that I am the unluckiest person that ever lived. If it didn’t, then I can start saving up my pocket money to hire a therapist when I grown up.

OK, so here’s what happened;

I was innocently curled up on my bed when suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, Mum rushed into the room like a whirlwind and said, ‘Pack your bags, we’re going to Japan.’

OBVIOUSLY, this was a bit too much to take in. I had just come back from school and was getting my relax on, because in exactly TWO DAYS I would be answering my Math exam [the first of EIGHT] and I would totally need the rest [OK, and maybe that isn’t the best prep¬†tactic. But hey, even though I study, like, two hours a YEAR, I manage to get A’s and rank in the top five. You do it your way, I’ll do it mine].

‘What??’ I asked, wondering whether it was time I got my annual ear-cleaning coupon redeemed. ‘Your father has been transferred on a very short notice. We are taking the next flight to Tokyo, which departs in twelve hours. Honey, get up, let’s go go go,’ Mum bustled, ripping the sheets off me.

‘TRANSFERRED TO TOKYO????? And we’re LEAVING???’ I burst out. ‘Only for a few months, sweet,’ Mum assured, sweeping out of my room with my blankets nestled in the crook of her arm.

So I did the only thing a sane, normal, tween could do under the given circumstances; I dug out my journal and started furiously scribbling, instead of obeying my mother like I’m supposed to and packing my suitcases with the rags I wear everyday.

I mean, SERIOUSLY. TOKYO???????? And just before my exams begin????? What are my Dad’s bosses, crazy??

How am I going to break this to all my buddies?? They’ll be totally furious. And I can’t really blame them.

Nor can I blame you, DeDe for…

FALLING FOR MY AMAZING APRIL FOOL’S PRANK!!!!! HaHaHaHa!!!!!! The look on your non existant face was PRICELESS… :]