04.11.2013, Monday, 12:50 pm


Don’t ask me why, but our society always celebrates Halloween on the third of November. So I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon picking out a suitable costume for Trick-Or-Treating. Of course, I AM getting a big old for that, but, hey, it’s a free country, right?? [And I happen to LOVE chocolate. A lot]

Some of my options for spooky ensemble were:

1] Avril Lavigne. She is, like, my numero uno musical-idol. After Adam Levine. And Robbie Williams.

2] Adam Levine. I faced two MAJOR problems with this one. a] Adam is a GUY and b] I’d have to coat my arms with super-cool tattoos, which I’m pretty sure my mum wouldn’t allow.

3] Pirate. This is the least expensive disguise I’m aware of [seriously, how much does an eye-patch cost anyway??]. Except for the I’m-going-as-myself attire

4] Draculara. She’s the daughter of Count Dracula. [At least I think she is] The only problem with THIS costume is that in order to be camouflaged as this fictional character, I will have to stroll around wearing a fluffy, pink dress and clutching a scarlet parasol, something I wouldn’t be seen dead doing.

5] Hotdog. The story of how we have a hotdog outfit in the attic is long [and painful] but, cutting to the chase, there’s no way I’m wearing that because… well, because I don’t exactly fancy dressing up as my dog’s most wanted Christmas present. NEXT!

6] Cheerleader. Come ON. I might as well wear my school uniform.

7] Mermaid. Uh huh, I SO have a fake tail. I mean, I just wore it yesterday when I went SKATEBOARDING. Yeah, who DOESN’T have a mermaid tail????? This is PERFECT.

The went on. I spent, like, three HOURS scribbling ideas in my notebook. Just when I was about t give up, VOILA! Kylee called up and said she’s drop over with a book titled, ‘FIFTY EASY-TO-MAKE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES FOR YOUR KIDS.’ Just like that, problem solved.

Or maybe not.

The “easy-to-make” outfits turned out to be not-so-easy-to-make after all. One of them involved actually cutting your hair off. [I know right!] So we ditched the book and began brainstorming again.

Just as we were about fifteen minutes int the activity, the Instant Messages from my pals began pouring in:

TinkerBell20: Hey Taylor!! What are you going as?? I’ve decided to keep it simple and go as… TINKERBELL [please don’t make fun of me!!]!!! Meet you at the park -Tink

DawgLvr: Dude, I tried calling you a BILLION times. BTW, what is your costume? I think I’ll dress up as Sponge Bob. Lame, I know, but I don’t have any other outfits. WBU???

Shopaholic: Man this day stinks. I have SO MANY disguises to chose from!!!!!!! What should I pick????????????????? [What have YOU picked??]

xAdele_Fan: What are you dressing as?? I’ve decided to go as a witch. I don’t have anything else to wear. Besides, mum did have that extra broomstick…

GretaN: DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!! I still haven’t picked an apparel……………….. And ideas????????

I had half an hour to come up with a mind-boggling idea for what to wear, assemble it, shove it on and race to the park. More than enough time, eh?? In the end, believe it or not, I made it. I had actually reached on time with a decent guise. Okay, maybe I didn’t look as great as I had initially planned on looking, but, hey, at least I tried.

In the end, I went as a:

Gothic Prom Queen [the only thing that appealed to me in the costume was the Gothic part]

I don’t know why it took so long to formulate THAT idea. All I needed was to strip on a dark frock and smear a bit of mascara around my eyes [stolen… I mean,¬†borrowed from Kathryn’s drawer] and poof! I was good to go.

The truth is, while Kylee and I were furiously thinking, I sprung out of my chair like I was sitting on a needle and exclaimed, ‘EUREKA!!! I’ve got it!!!’ and Kylee looked at me expectantly with eyes that said, ‘Spill!’ and I sat down again, feeling quite embarrassed about my sudden outburst and said, ‘Well, I’ve got a part of it at least,’ and she said, ‘What are you waiting for?? Next Halloween???’ and I said, ‘Well, maybe I should have a dress revolving around the Goth theme,’ and she said, ‘Why, yes, that’s it!! A Gothic prom queen!’ and I said -a little wearily- ‘Why prom queen?’ but she didn’t hear me owing to the fact that she was busy mumbling something that sounded like, ‘The brown hair will suit perfectly.’

I just went with it. I have to say, she did the job pretty well, and I was almost convincing. The only thing left to do was grab two empty pillowcases and run, run, run!

It was a blast. The whole thing. I collected enough candy to last me a month and have to go to the dentist tomorrow thanks to the tonnes of sugary sweets I stuffed into my mouth last night.

Why does there always have to be a flip side??????????????????