Get To Know T.Skarr

‘Wow. I’m not really keen on this week. All through June, whenever I thought about this fortnight, it sent shudders down my spine. You want to know why?? Well, it’s because of my karate exam that’s in FIVE DAYS!!!!!! I’m really nervous and my stomach is knotted up so tight, I can hardly breathe. For once, I am SO NOT exaggerating. Worse luck!! :(

Meet Taylor Skarr, a feisty, spunky girl with BIG plans for the future [including admission at Oxford and a PhD in rocking the world]. Join her as she goes through life’s most dangerous battle -or so she reckons- all by herself; middle school. 

47 thoughts on “Get To Know T.Skarr

  1. Hi tay ! BTW Kay has like totally copied ur blog their exept the background colour is dis dark purple! Oh n i can’t believe dat she called me ur ‘WORSHIPER’ on her blog their!u kno what check it out yourself! YOLO !!TTYL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;-)

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