14.08.2014, Thursday, 09:47 am

Oh. My. God.

In exactly twenty-four hours from this very moment, I will be thirteen, and I am FREAKING out!! You can’t expect me to be all calm and collected about this, now can you?? It’s not everyday that one leaves a phase of their childhood forever, and it is definitely something I am not looking forward to.

What do you epect?? That I’d be HAPPY entering a world where hangovers and marijuana are part of the “norm”?? Excuse me, but NO WAY. SpongeBob is still my favourite thing to watch on the TiVo and it’s going to stay like that regardless of my age group.

I can’t believe I just openly admitted that I still like watching yellow bricks of foam walk around in a magical underwater world more than anything else. Sure, it’s only my DIARY, but what if someone gets a hold of this thing?? And think of all the other embarrassing stuff I’ve got written down here. If ANYONE gets an eyeful of this, I will be FORCED to shoot them. Seriously, what OTHER choice do I have??

Wait… I got it!! Along with my brand new, not-in-the-least-welcome title of “Teenager,” shouldn’t I start afresh with a new journal as well?? That way, I wouldn’t have a fit everytime I saw someone holding onto a book that even slightly resembled my diary.


2 thoughts on “14.08.2014, Thursday, 09:47 am

    • I’ll send you the URL later on and as for the whole gift thing, you’re presence itself is enough, Giz [I’m kidding. Get an expensive, 500$+ gift or I’m not letting you in]

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