10.08.2014, Sunday, 09:43 PM

Guess WHAT????

Brandy’s flight is delayed by a whole forty-eight hours!!!!!! NO!!!!!!! Why do I always have the worst luck when it comes to EVERYTHING????????? I was looking forward to see her disappear among the airport crowd so much and now I’ll have to wait a whole two days before that happens… Better late than never, though. At least she’s GOING.

Anyway, Mom forced me to come out of my room and have dinner. PHYSICALLY forced. Even after the long-winding speech I gave her about how I can’t possibly bear to see Brandy’s twisted face again. When I refused to open my bedroom door, she BROKE it open.

And OK, that’s an exaggeration. All she REALLY did was dig out the spare key from one of the gazillion drawers in the hall and twist it into the lock, thus exposing me to the rest of the world. But she can’t DO that!! If I want to stay in my parlour till the unfortunate day I expire, shouldn’t I be allowed to do so?? Isn’t that what being a citizen of a liberal country is all about??

But I would’ve kicked myself if I’d skipped tonight’s dinner, because Mom surpassed herself and prepared…

PIZZA!! Not just ANY pizza, mind you. Homemade, thin-crust, Mexican Cheese Pizza. My favourite.

The aromas themselves were enough for me to start drooling. I swear, if my Mom put her mind to it, she can win Master Chef US with her eyes blindfolded.

The only element that spoiled the evening was –you guessed it- Brandy. She ended up making a tremendous pain in the butt of herself and destroying what was supposed to be a relaxed family evening [granted, she IS family, but she sure doesn’t seem like it. I regard her as more of something disgusting my dog leaves behind than a relative].

Anyway, I guess it’s time to go to sleep, even though it isn’t even ten yet. Because Dad and I are going with a few friends of his for a 10-mile run tomorrow morning and I want to be properly fresh and recharged for it. ‘Night!!

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