10.08.2014, Sunday, 04:37 pm

I’ve managed to avoid glancing at Brandy’s sickly face for the whole of today. That’s because I haven’t gotten out of my room since the time I woke up. At seven.

She’s so nasty that I’d rather stay in my room forever than have to look at her one more time, so nine hours shouldn’t seem like such a task. But it DOES. I am bored stiff, which is entirely unheard of. How can one be bored during one’s VACATIONS?? It’s practically impossible!!

And yet it’s happening to me right now, as I speak.

Which just goes to show that Brandy can drive me to do the impossible.

And surely that can’t be a good thing.

P.S: Can’t WAIT for 6:40 [the time we commence our journey to the airport so that we can bid Brandy farewell…]!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “10.08.2014, Sunday, 04:37 pm

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