26.07.2014, Thursday, 09:56 pm

My back is aching all over from the very bumpy couch I had to spend the night on. Do my parents even UNDERSTAND the physical abuse I am going through just because Brandy has come to stay?? I mean, if she wasn’t here, would I have had to lie down on a lumpy mattress that’s full of year-old food?? Would I have had to try to make myself comfortable among the alarming amount of dog fur it houses??

The answer is a ear-splittingly loud NO.

All I have to say is that no way am I going to sleep on that filthy chair again. Not in a million years. Not if my Mom swears she’ll do my homework till I graduate [not that THAT’S ever going to happen]. Not if you PAY me.

And while I may be slightly exaggerating about the cleanliness of the sofa, I have to confess that the pain is real. My shoulder is actually throbbing. THROBBING.

It was SO HARD concentrating on my Frosted Flakes due to the way my back was sending these sizeable ripples of agony down my spine.

I couldn’t even brush my teeth properly!!

The war between me and Brandy has just gone onto a whole new level. At first, it was purely on a mental level [and that was bad enough]. But now?? Now, it’s gone physical. Now I can really FEEL the pain, not just imagine it in my head.

I can’t wait to plan a revenge scheme, however childish getting even may be. I can’t wait to pay her back for the way my arms feel like they have been through a violent minute or two in the mixer. But most of all?? I can’t wait to end this battle.

I can’t wait for Patty to come back from the Egyptian holiday she has gone on with her parents. She and I are going to have so much to discuss.


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