19.07.2014, Thursday, 11:57 pm

Like I said before, down here, stuff is going from bad to WORST.

Today’s family movie-night [you’d think my parents would have understood that I’d rather be preparing cow manure wearing nothing but a two-piece than spending EXTRA time with my self-obsessed sister, but they haven’t caught on yet. I sometimes wonder where my superior intellect has sprung from] and instead of catching the latest spy flick [like I’d suggested], we ended up watching Barbie: Mermaid Tale 2 [guess who wanted to watch THAT??].

I had to sit through one and a half hours of high-pitched voices, lame plotlines and a whole lot of fish fins. I mean, the dolls are super cool [mainly because they shut up when you tell them to. And even when you don’t, actually], but Barbie movies are in need of a fresh new makeover. Pink is SO outdated.


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