30.06.2014, Monday, 04:34 pm

PLEASE tell me this is a REALLY bad nightmare and that I’m going to wake up screaming and moment now. Because there is NO WAY this could have happened to me in REAL life.

No flippin’ way.

As soon as P.M classes finished up, I rushed out the door [rather rudely, I must confess, but whatever. It’s not like the Prof didn’t know I was either snoozing or writing in my journal the whole time, anyway] moderately happily for someone who knows she is going to have the worst fifteen days of her life ahead of her.

I skipped all the way home [technically, I didn’t even WALK –forget skip- all the way home, because my Dad came over with his big blue car to chauffer me to my current destination. But if I COULD have skipped, I would’ve] and had almost put the Facebook-incident’ behind me when LO!!

I realize that I have SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR EMAILS waiting for me. That’s more than all the emails I’ve previously received put together!! [And, OK, I DID only activate my eMail ID a few weeks ago, but STILL]

So I quickly sift through all the mail and GUESS what all the subjects are??

That’s right; “Pee-Her-Pants Girl”

Like the ignoramus that I am, I thought for a few seconds that this [Pee-Her-Pants Girl] must be this new, must-watch movie of the year and that a lot [seven hundred and sixty four, to be precise] students in my year wanted to tell me about it.

I wish.

Of course, after going through a few of them, I realized that it wasn’t a blockbuster they were talking about. It was me. ME.

Behold, citizens of America, I am Pee-Her-Pants Girl, here to save you from dying of boredom by spraying myself!!

How exciting.






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