26.06.2014, Thursday, 12:32 pm

Pattern Math Class

It was even worse than I expected. My meeting with Brandy at the airport, I mean. I thought that maybe, MAYBE, the both of us could let bygones be bygones and try to act more civilly to one another, like my mother is always telling Kathryn and I to do.

But it IS Brandy, Ruler of All Things EVIL, we’re talking about. That girl doesn’t even know what the word “civil” means; forget how to apply it towards SOME people [namely, me].

This is what I THOUGHT would happen:

[Though I’m not even sure why I BOTHERED playing this scenario a gazillion times in my head. I mean, things that I visualize seldom replicate themselves in real life]

My heart would pound at the sight of Brandy’s face as she battled her way through the throngs of fellow-flyers. My eyes would bulge as I spot her politely greeting my parents. My poor, innocent parents. She would daintily make her way near Kathryn and a slightly-less-than-pleasant exchange would take place [Kathryn, unlike me, isn’t forbidden by Mom to mildly swear at Brandy -Goodness knows why-, so her language tends to get a big colourful when she is at close proximity to her].

Then, while I try to compose myself as much as possible [since I’ve no doubt already begun to sweat my palms], she would calmly proceed towards me, her smile about as bright as an eclipsed Sun. ‘Taylor. As dishevelled and unfashionable as ever, I see,’ She would coo, her gaze never leaving mine, while holding me in a TIGHT embrace. ‘And you too, dear cousin,’ I would purr in response, grinning from ear to ear.

She would then depart from my company, the wattage of her smirk unfaltering.

Well, that’s how everything happened in my MIND, at any rate. What REALLY took place was far, far from it…:

She came up to my father and hugged him tight, her expression one of delight. I groaned internally as I noticed her stare fix itself onto my being. She skipped all the way, looking as fresh and beautiful as the most exuberant Vogue models. ‘Hey, Taylor!!’ She exclaimed, looking excited –excited– to see me. I was thrown completely off-guard.

Mistake Number One.

‘Hello, Brandy. Long time, huh??’ I tittered, bending down to give her a quick squeeze. Maybe she really has changed. For the better. I remember thinking to myself.

Mistake Number Two.

Of course, I should have known. EVIL doesn’t change. EVIL doesn’t convert itself. EVIL isn’t sweet. EVIL just thinks of different ways to humiliate.

‘You haven’t changed,’ she remarked, tilting her head quizzically. ‘So I’ve been told,’ I replied, squirming at the remarkable difference. Who would’ve THUNK?? Brandy and I were already fifty seconds into a chat and she hadn’t called me an “imbecile” or a “disgrace to the humankind” even once!!

‘Oops, so sorry,’ She apologized hurriedly, as the uncapped bottle of water slipped from her hands…

…And onto my baby-blue shorts. ‘I am SUCH a klutz,’ she admitted, fishing her bag for something. Mmm, how NICE! She’s searching for a tissue to help me wipe, I thought, already picturing Brandy and me having ice creams while visiting the zoo together. Its funny how little it takes to change my opinion about someone who I’ve detested pretty much my whole life.

Finally, she revealed what she’d been digging about her tote for… And it SO wasn’t a tissue.

‘Say CHEESE!!’ She yipped, clicking multiple pictures of me and my drenched shorts. Before I could fully register what had just happened, she flashed the phone in front of my face so that I could see the unflattering pic of myself… already uploaded on Facebook.

‘You’ve posted it on FACEBOOK??’ I shrieked, hardly believing it. What had happened to the nice, butterscotch-ice-cream-loving Brandy I had imagined having a great summer with?? And who was this crazy old hag in her place??

‘Oh Yesss,’ She hissed, ‘And I must say, you’re face in the photo is too delicious for WORDS,’ she continued, licking her lips tauntingly.

Before I did something that I would regret later on, I stalked away, fuming. So much for hanging out with HER at the Penguin Enclosure.





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