21.06.2014, Saturday, 06:47 pm

We’re leaving for the airport to pick up Her Brattiness in ten minutes. After we do that, Dad will drop me for my Pattern Math class. Is there any way this day could POSSIBLY get worse??

I can think of a million things I’d rather do than be driven thirty miles just to get a first glimpse of Brandy [like examining the insides of a frog with diarrhoea] but Mom didn’t want to hear it. According to her, ‘Family is family, Taylor, and you are coming to pick up your cousin whether you like it or not.’

So much for having rights!!

I didn’t even have the appetite to finish up my cereal this morning. How could I?? My life was going to be ruined by a puny little eight year old in three hours and you expected me to eat up?? What am I, superhuman??


2 thoughts on “21.06.2014, Saturday, 06:47 pm

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