12.06.2014, Thursday, 12:47

Pattern Math Class

I got talked into this. Dad can be quite convincing when he wants to be.

It’s only a minute since the class began, but it seems like I’ve been here my whole life. It doesn’t help that there are kids directly outside this building and I can HEAR them slurp ice creams.

This is SO unfair. Why do I have to go to some stupid lesson BECAUSE my Dad wants me to?? I’m an American citizen and I have RIGHTS that I want to use [preferably before they expire]. I can’t sit around and take nonsense from everyone.

As I’m already here, there’s nothing I can do but pay attention and TRY to learn something useful. Or I could throw my notebook at the Prof’s head and while everyone’s checking out whether he’s unconscious, I could shoot out webs from my hand and glide from skyscraper to skyscraper, like Spiderman.


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