10.06. 2014, Tuesday, 08:45 pm

Can you believe he did this?? To ME, his second born??? I always thought he had my best interests at heart, but APPARENTLY not.

My father has done something so HUMILIATING, so EMBARRASSING, so NERVE-WRACKINGLY DISASTEROUS that I think would be less painful to get a root canal while listening to SpongeBob SquarePants recite the Macbeth.

The point of school holidays is to relax and take a break, agreed?? So why did Dad have to go on and enrol me in a Summer PATTERN MATH CLASS???? I have NO IDEA what Pattern Math is, but if it has something to do with numbers, you can count me out.

WHY would I voluntarily go to some Professor’s house to STUDY during the vacations?? WHY???

Oh, I’ll tell you why. Because my FATHER has threatened to deactivate my UKdesigners.com account if I don’t. Talk about life of the party. >Mutters<

I actually LOVE math [as nerdy as that sounds]. I ENJOY working with numbers and hearing the teacher tell me I topped in another math pop quiz is just music to my ears. But TRIGONOMETRY during what’s supposed to be a time-off period??? Not while I’m here.

[I haven’t the slightest clue what trigonometry is. I just know that it’s a branch of math and it sounds damn sophisticated so why not chuck it in the entry??]

I don’t want to give up without a fight. I want to talk it out with Dad like a mature human being and, if he doesn’t give in, maybe we could kick-box.

But the fact simply is that I am NOT going, and that’s THAT.








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