02.06.2014, Monday, 12:53 pm

I saw Courtney Fey at the deli across the road today. If there’s one
person on the planet who knows how to talk teen gibberish, it has GOT
to be her.
Courtney’s pretty, REALLY pretty. For instance, when I saw her today,
she was decked out in a SUPER short mini skirt and a loose tank top
that she’d fashionably pulled into a knot so that it displayed her
starved-to-death-but-still-very-impressive tummy.
She was polishing her nails a glimmering, carroty hue while vomiting a
series of words [which I highly doubt made any sense] which her
entourage eagerly ate up when I walked towards her.
‘Hey Courtney!!’ I smiled, batting my eyelashes like I’ve seen her do
so many times. ‘Taylor!! How SUPERRIFIC seeing you here!!’ She gushed,
beaming warmly.
‘So… um… What’s going on at home??’ I said, taking a seat at their
table. ‘NM… WBU??’ She asked, taking a sip from her not-fat
espresso. Was she KIDDING me?? ‘NM… WBU?????????’ Who TALKS like
that?? Sure, it happens all the time in CYBER-SPACE, but in REAL
‘Same here, same here. Actually, I wanted to ask you for a favour…’
I trailed off cautiously, wondering how she was going to react. Before
the whole parents-meet-boss thing came up, I never even acknowledged
her presence except for the odd “Good Mornin’”. Why should she have
felt obliged to do anything for me??
For three nervous seconds, she seemed to be rolling around the options
in her mind, debating whether I was worthy enough for her to possibly
spend some time with. Just as I was certain that she was going to
chuck her non-fat, sugar-free espresso in my face and walk away with
her gorgeous golden-brown hair swishing in time with her hips, her
face broke into a grin and she said, ‘Sure!! I’d be glad to help. Hey,
what are friends for??’
I could’ve dipped my own face in her coffee right them. How could I
have been so downright MEAN??? Courtney may be obsessed with
highlights and high heels, but I had no right to automatically dismiss
her as “shallow.” Just because she spends more time deciding what to
wear for school than on her homework doesn’t mean she’s vicious.
I could barely even talk after that. I just mumbled a few words [that
I’m sure made even less sense than what she was telling her cronies
when I entered the eatery] and stumbled out of there.
According to my clock its 01:00 AM and according to what I told
Courtney, I’m supposed to meet her at nine for my first “Slanguage
Class.” Hopefully, all will go well and I won’t be a major
embarrassment to my parents at the ball. Hopefully.


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