16.05.2014, Thursday, 12:16 pm

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually kind of miss school. Well, some parts, at least. Of course, I haven’t suddenly developed a craving for Mr Powell’s math classes [I firmly believe that’s humanely impossible], but I wish I could meet up with my buds every day, you know??

It is SO BORING around here.

So boring that even Kathryn, dim-witted, party-going Kathryn, realised that the most fun thing we did the past week was have a “let’s see who can stare at the wall longest” competition [I have no idea why I took part in that pastime]. I won, because a second after the contest commenced, Kathryn squealed ‘Time out!!’ and started texting her friends.

So boring that even the ice-cream I bought the other day slapped me right across the face and told me that NO WAY was he/she going to be eaten by a BORING person like me.

So boring that I’ve watched SEVENTY-EIGHT straight cat-videos on YouTube [give or take].

So boring that, just yesterday, the Guinness Book of World Records gave me a ring and asked me when I wanted to collect my “Most Number of Consecutive, Eventless Days By Any Person In The History Of Mankind” medal and certificate.

SO BORING that I I’m actually listing out reason after reason to help my journal understand how boring it is.


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