10.05.2014, Saturday, 04:55 am

As I predicted, the party was SMASHING!! The guests started trickling in at around eight and I had already set up the dining room table with trays and trays of eats. After everyone arrived and grabbed a [yummy] bite, we headed upstairs.

I’d asked all of the invitees to bring an extra large carton of their favourite ice cream flavour and a jumbo sized pack of their preferred candy. Then, I placed all the goodies in the front of the room, laid out empty bowls in front of everyone [myself included] and then we GOT MIXING!!

You see, the point of this game is to concoct what you think is the best dessert you can come up with the given ingredients and then name your sweet treat. At the end of half an hour, the appointed judges [Vivian and Madison] taste all the dishes [however disgusting they appear] and appoint winners for the following categories:

Best Flavour

Worst Flavour

Most Interesting

Rockin’ Name

So Yucky, I’d Rather Eat Poop

This may seem like a bit of a third-grade activity to indulge in but, trust me, it’s totally fun once you get started.

Anyway, the rest of the evening was divided into three; we watched a Horror Movie [what’s the use of a sleepover if you DON’T watch a horror movie??], drew up tattoos for each other at the little paint booth that Mom set up in the backyard and rang up local bars requesting a certain “Smelma Pitts” to come on the line [they fell for it EVERY time!!].

Mum then called us to the dining table for at ten-thirty for a late & light dinner after which we spread ourselves all over the hall and had a blast exchanging spooky stories [another must-do at a slumber party].

I don’t think it would surprise you to know that we spent almost the whole night talking. Vivian was the first to fall off asleep [at around three o’clock] and after pouring a generous amount of water on her bed sheet and waking her up to behold the little “accident” she had during the night [she shrieked the house down and was on the verge of crying before we admitted our prank. That wasn’t a good idea, because it took her half an hour to stop chasing me with a frying pan –me being the mastermind behind the whole thing, of course-], everyone else decided to call it a night.

Except me.

I waited till everyone was asleep before pulling out my journal. I don’t want anyone knowing that I maintain a diary. Not even Patty.


That was me yawning. I think it’s time for me to get some sleep, too. Good night, DeDe!! [Actually, good morning. It’s already four!!]


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