09.05.2014, Friday, 04:21 pm

I think the problem with advertisements today is that they just don’t know when to STOP. I was TRYING to watch a Parker rerun but the ads started coming on every three minutes. There’s nothing more irritating than being bombarded with adverts on washing powder while you’re attempting to blindly stare at the T.V. There’s nothing as annoying as that, except Brandy.

Yup, I would pick sitting in a room with speakers blaring the advantages of buying Tide ALL DAY, over having to spend a minute in the same country as my youngest cousin sister.

THAT’S how much I hate [sorry, Mom] GREATLY DISLIKE, Brandy.

Why? You ask?? Well, it all started a few summers ago, when she came to stay with our family for a month [which later turned out to be the worst four weeks of my life]. We actually started off well, Brandy and I. She’s three years younger than me and I thought that it would be nice to have someone to boss around for a change.

Boy was I WRONG!! Brandy was everything you’d want… In a little baby MONSTER!! She has a scream that could be heard for miles and…

You know what?? I think I’m gonna’ stop talking about her because all it’s doing is getting me mad. [FIRE is shooting out of my nostrils as I write this] Time for a change of topic…

Remember Pattym my BFF?? Well, she’s coming over tonight for our very first “summer of 2014” sleepover. Actually, I’ve invited a few other kids from school, too. It’s going to be AMAZE. I’ve planned the PERFECT summer slumber party and I KNOW it’s going to be AWESOME. Can’t WAIT!!

That reminds me, I have to call up the local gourmet cupcake store and order about twelve trillion muffins. [These girls can EAT, baby!!] Gotta’ run!!


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