29.04.2014, Monday, 12:43 pm

The Elections

Just voted. For myself.

I feel like such a lowly being for doing that, but it’s the right thing to do, isn’t it, considering how I truly think that I would make the best leader of the lot. The question is, will other people feel the same way??

Vice Principal Klein has entered the class and is inspecting everyone’s hands to see whether everyone has an “I Have Voted!!” stamp.  Due to the sweat glands located in my palm that have been working hard, the “I Have Voted!!” has become all smudgy and looks like a purple blob. I hope Mrs Klein doesn’t think I have forged-

Had to stop there because the Vice Principal was meters away. Thankfully, she wasn’t paying close attention and didn’t notice that the “I Have Voted!!” on my fist has turned into an “L Av Ted.”



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