29.04.2014, Monday, 01:22 pm

The Elections

I, along with the other nominees, am nervously sitting in the darkly lit auditorium. There’s a threatening vibe around this place that I can’t seem to ignore. It feels like its saying “Na na na na na!! You’re TOTES not gonna’ win, hon!! Why did you even BOTHER coming to school at all?? Ultimate LOSERS like you aren’t allowed, so BACK OFF!!”

Principal Roosevelt is coming onto the stage… And he has just announced that the counting of votes will take place shortly. SHORTLY!!!! How long is that?? Five, maybe ten, minutes?? Or does he mean shortly in one hour?? Maybe LESS than five minutes. Maybe RIGHT NOW!!!!

Oh, here come the teachers with the huge vote-buckets. They’re going to start in “a bit.” I wonder what they mean by “a bit.” You can never really tell with teachers. What if they’re going to start in half an hour. Or-



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