28.04.2014, Sunday, 12:03 pm

IT is tomorrow. TOMORROW.

There is NO WAY that I’m getting out of this alive. I have THE most powerful opponents in the history of Red House Girl Captain opponents and I can assure you, DeDe, that it is going to be a BLOODBATH.

Here are mini-profiles of my three fellow-candidates:


Name: Camille Preston

Age: Fourteen

Grade: Ninth

Likes: Yoga and Meditation under flowering trees

Pet peeve: Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

Notes: Her brother is Jason Preston. Yes, THE Jason Preston. He went off to Harvard this year, but was, by far, the most popular student and that sibling relationship alone should probably get Cam half of the votes, without her having to life a finger. [Some ducks really DO have all the luck, eh?]



Name: Amanda Quadros

Age: Fourteen

Grade: Ninth

Likes: Push-ups and broccoli [EUCH!!]

Pet peeves: Junk food and people who get in her way [Gulp!]

Notes: Amanda has a younger sister in the seventh who just so happens to have the BIGGEST mouth I have ever seen on a twelve year old. If Amanda thinks that any of her opponents stands a chance of grabbing the title from her, one word with her sister and the competition’s votes immediately take a plunge.



Name: Cassidy Hope

Age: Thirteen

Grade: Eighth

Likes: I seriously have NO ides. Cassidy is one of the QUIETEST girl in our form.

Pet peeves: As above

Notes: –




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