28.03.2014, Friday, 01:28 pm

April first is the last day of school. Then begin the dreaded exams. But after they get over, we have a ten days of vacation. OK, ten is measly when compared to TWO MONTHS, but at least we get a break before the next academic year begins.

I’m excited about getting into the eighth because it seems like I’ve been in this standard for WAY too long. Of course, its only been a year, just like every other grade. Maybe the seventh feels like its been going on for a decade because of all the milestones that punctuated it. And all the drama. As well as that overwhelming feeling I kept getting, that told me to relax; everything would be just fine. And the next moment, the whole place exploded.

It has been awesome, the whole experience. It had ups, downs, sides, parts that I want to forget but can’t seem to [like the day I Googled ‘Small Pox’ and found a HUGE collection of pictures I’d rather erase from my memory, preferably forever] and memories that I never want to let go.

From this entry we can draw two conclusions; 1] Seventh grade RULES and 2] I suck at trying to be poetic.


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