23.03.2014, Sunyday, 12:34 pm

Party in four hours. FOUR HOURS!!!

I am SO excited… Krissa said that after dinner, her Mum is driving us someplace for a “surprise.” Have I told you how much I love surprises??

There’s good news and bad news, DeDe. The good news is… Well, there really isn’t any good news. The bad news is that I won’t be able to take you to Krissa’s place because of safety precautions. I’m sorry, OK?? But stuff that has to be done, just has to be done.

So… I guess this is Goodbye, huh?? I mean, only until Tuesday [remember I’m staying over at K’s residence??]…

There I go again, talking to a book. Gosh, I am SUCH a lunatic.


4 thoughts on “23.03.2014, Sunyday, 12:34 pm

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