15.03.2014, Friday, 01:41 pm

Just found out that we’re just having only ONE month of summer vacations. WHY?? That’s like a YEAR without chocolate. Kids depend on their school breaks like humans depend on OXYGEN. So why are the teachers cutting of our air supply??

This is just so unfair. How would THEY like it if we told them that from this moment onwards, smoking in the teacher’s lounge is NOT ALLOWED??????? HUH???????

The only remotely good part of today was that Krissa Lawrenson invited me to her thirteenth birthday bash thats on the twenty-third. After my Miami championship, this is exactly what I need. I mean, was there ever a more powerful stress buster than just hanging in a pool with your best friends?? [Did I mention that it’s a pool party??]

Even though its EIGHT days away, I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. Maybe it’s because my brain so desperately needs SOMETHING to look forward to, otherwise it’ll go BSHWATCH and explode into a zillion pieces. So I think I’m going to go pack my swim suit and all for the party. [I’m a weirdo and I know it!!]



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