06.03.2014, Wednesday, 04:36 pm

Back at Home

Received a hero’s welcome at school today. Even ninth graders who I have never given a second thought to were all, ‘Hey, I heard you went for a karate tournament. Please don’t hit me!’

Obviously, I was a little perplexed about how all these students were aware of my weekend whereabouts [and come on, its not like I was absent for a year or something; I was only gone TWO days], because except for eight or nine classmates who had phoned me up during the train ride, nobody even knew that I was going to participate in a championship [this time around, I’d decided to not tell too many kids about my competition. I mean, what if I got absolutely beaten up?? How could I come home empty-handed and then be forced to tell other people about it over and over again???]. But hey, it’s a small school. Word spreads around like forest fire over here.

The teacher’s reactions towards my medals were the real keepers, though. It was all Coach Krammer could do NOT to slobber all over the discs of gold.

>Tring, Tring!<

Oops, my new “Kiss All My Medals” alarm has just rung. Time to pucker up!!


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