02.03.2014, Saturday, 08:09 pm

Miami, Morning of THE Competition

Eating breakfast at the hotel lounge. I asked Mum whether we could just use room service [the thought of dining with a restaurant full of happy, chirpy people is absolutely unbearable -although, if you think about it, I’m doing it right now-], but Sensei had apparently ordered the lot of us to come down for our first meal. so that he could instruct us about championship-etiquette.

Got to stop writing. Everyone’s hailing cabs to get to the arena. [WHY did I just wolf down THREE bowls of cornflakes WITH MILK?????? Now all I can think of is how I shouldn’t bring it back up. -It’s amazing how I can still eat like a horse even though a SUPER IMPORTANT, LIFE-CHANGING contest is merely hours away]



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