28.02.2014, Wednesday, 04:09 pm

Tummy Crunches: – [Too busy worrying myself sick about the championship to even sit up straight]

I was away at my Grandparent’s place for a few days. Mum sent me to there so I could “get my mind off the competition.” As if!! I spent every waking moment at Gran’s wishing that the world would end before the tournament even begins.

Got to stop writing. The train for Miami [where the thing is being held] leaves tomorrow morning at eight. And I’ve got to pack.

See you tomorrow, DeDe.


2 thoughts on “28.02.2014, Wednesday, 04:09 pm

  1. I feel for you, really. I had a really important exhibition coming up [I’m an artist] and I was real nervous. But all went well and now I am one of the most sought-after artists in the Mediterranean!!

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