13.02.2014, 03:46 pm

Brandy arrived last night. [If you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, click here!!] As expected, she was fussed over like a starved puppy and was massaged, rubbed in the expensive lavender oil Mum reserves for EXTRA special guests and sung to before falling asleep. That kid is spoilt with a capital S!!

Anyway, school was MIND BLOWING today. During Girl Guides, Coach Krammer told us that for those of us who are interested in shaping their “independent characters” should meet him during Lunch. Of course, I immediately made up my mind to go, but not because I was actually interested in listening to whatever he had to say.

My real motive to turn up for his speech was because Kathryn had asked me to return her empty nail-polish bottle back to her during recess [WHAT?? I have an obsession with empty tubes. Don’t worry. It’s… um… extremely common] and I SO did not want to do that, especially in SCHOOL. So this Coach-lecture thing was turning out to be a blessing. [I could ditch handing over Kathryn the capsule and have a perfectly good excuse!!] Little did I know…

Anyway, as the fifth bell of the day trilled around the school grounds, hundreds of kids trooped up to the Sports Room [I’m pretty sure that there were so many of us heading that way only because the others were also trying to dodge crazy elder siblings who wanted their old make-up tubes back].

As all the seventh and eighth graders lined up [apparently, these were the only two standards informed of Coach’s talk], in walked Principal Roosevelt. He strode over to the tiny stage in the center of the place, grabbed the mic from it’s stand and greeted, ‘Good morning students!!’

There was a weak response from our side, and Sir R continued, ‘We are gathered here today to discuss you kids as individuals. Blah blah blah blah blah. Something about “roughing it out.” Yada yada yada. Something, something, Taylor Skarr from the seventh, something.’

Wait, I though, snapping back into consciousness. Did he just say my name?? Glancing at all the faces staring at me, I guessed that the head of my school in fact, had just mentioned Taylor Skarr!! ‘What did the Principal just say??’ I wgispered, nudging the girl in front of me. ‘He just told us how we should all start using some Skarr girl as an example,’ she said simply, twirling around strands of her hair.

‘What example??’ I pressed. ‘On speaking well or something. Who cares??’ She asked, admiring the purple streaks in her hair. ‘She is CLEARLY from the eighth,’ I thought as I retied my pony tail.

Well, turns out that there’s a Scouts and Guides camp. Starting TOMORROW!! OH YEAH!!! For the past week, I have been SO deprived of good that this overnight stay sounds more like angels singing than just a boring old school announcement. The best part is… well, there’s more than ONE best part, actually;

1] Brandy-and-Kathryn-free for TWO WHOLE DAYS

2] [As there are so many kids from my class signing up for this] It’s going to be just like a regular academic day…. Without the teachers or the schoolwork!!! Woo Hoo!!

3] It will help take my mind of my karate tournament

4] Need I say more??

I’m just so… grateful. Grateful that I finally have something that sounds exciting in the least. And also thankful that I got to hang on to Kathryn’s nail polish case [she COMPLETELY forgot about it. That girl has the memory of a crayon!!].



6 thoughts on “13.02.2014, 03:46 pm

  1. Awesome, man!! Keep it up!!!
    P.S: Are you coming for the camp tomorrow?? I was absent today, so are there any details I need to know about??

    • The only thing we know about the camp is… wait a minute… there’s that. Oh and THAT… Oh yeah, NOTHING. So get your bag packed and be prepared for a bumpy ride!!

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