24.01.2014, Friday, 09:17 pm

THANKFULLY, my crazed-destroying-manic phase is officially over. [Thank Gawd, because I started feeling all twitchy whenever I passed the car]

Which is a really good thing, because just as I was dressing up to go for karate class, a HUGE parcel arrived for me in the mail. If I hadn’t gotten over my see-and-burn chapter, I’m sure the package would’ve been hacked to a crumb by now.

Anyway, guess what was in the crate?? A whole cart-load of BOOKS!!! I mean, what else could a girl want, really??

Amidst the shimmering wrapping paper, I spotted a tiny, white bit of card that read, “To: Taylor. Love, Your Favorite Aunt In The Whole World, Tracy.” Wasn’t that sweet of her?? I mean, it isn’t even my birthday!! Maybe this was a belated Christmas present…

Unfortunately, it is tradition in the Skarr household to write thank you letters [yes, LETTERS not EMAILS. We are definitely the most medieval family on the block], so I was busy slogging away on a piece of paper for the next fifteen minutes.

Well, instead of coming up with corny phrases [“you are the best aunt EVER!”], I decided to toss up a poem. Check it out:

Aunt Tracy

With a poisonous smile

And thick black hair

Gorgeous gowns

And hugs like a bear

My Aunt Tracy

Stands out like a star

Always perfect and

Raising the bar

Her charm is pretty

Hard to miss

Her letters always 

Sealed with a kiss 

The stuff she bakes

Are crazily yum

To me she’s like

A second mum 

Her cherry ways

That lively tune

She hums when at

Work with the broom

The pretty ring

She tends to wear

When on a trip to

Unc H’s lair

All these traits

These ways of seeing

Bring to mind 

A certain being

Oh, who’s this one?

With skin so lacy??

Oh, yes! It is my

Aunty Tracy!!

Pretty cool for an amateur, huh?? D’oh!! I keep forgetting. I AM a published author, and published author’s ain’t no amateurs!! :]


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