05.01.2014, Sunday, 02:00 pm

For Geography, we had holiday homework [what is the point of a school break if you still have homework??] to research and put up a neat poster on a group of islands of your choice.

Of course, I absolutely forgot about this until now, the last day of the winter vacations [Last day?!?! Just thinking about it makes me want to jump off a cliff] and was left with the humungous task of putting up a semi- decent project on masses of land surrounded by water in ONE DAY.

There was only one person/thing/invention/whatever that I could turn to and be fully confident of outstanding results; dad’s laptop.

I googled ”famous islands” and a particular search result caught my eye; the Tahiti islands in the South Pacific. There was a link that directed me to a Wikipedia page and after that I basically cut, copy, pasted the entire article onto a couple A4 papers and printed out the whole thing. Then I neatly filed my work [teachers dig binders like dogs dig cow dung] and voila! I managed to wrap up my work in less than fifteen minutes.

The point I rambled on about this is because, while scrolling down and highlighting the important point, I must have accidentally paid attention because I found out that all the food is imported [yes, that includes Heinz ketchup].

So, if Jon wanted an apple and asked a local where exactly could he find one, the responce would be, ‘Sorry, no fruit. Could I interest you in a 300$ mini-tub of Nutella instead??’


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