24.12.2013, Wednesday, 09:41 pm

Christmas Eve

So much to do, so little time. Oh, I have to be superman to be able to buy gifts and do up cards for NINE family members in ONE hour. I can’t even browse the stores peacefully what with the hordes of last-minute shoppers who clog the malls. Who do they wait for the day before Christmas to purchase presents?? Idiots.

And how am I supposed to decorate nine blank pieces of paper and turn them into beautiful, custom-made cards, each unique pieces??

All this festive madness is driving me crazy. At least we got The Tree up this morning. If we hadn’t, I reckon I’d be at some Anger Management five-minute crash-course right now, my head driven up a sauce pan.


4 thoughts on “24.12.2013, Wednesday, 09:41 pm

  1. I can totally relate to you, having to go to the mall and shop for family relatives, your family most of all, AND friends! It takes hours!

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