23.12.2013, Monday, 07:54 pm

We are two days away from Christmas and here is a list of stuff that I have not done;

1] Bought presents for anyone [and this year I have to buy gifts for double the people because the relatives are here]

2] Put up The Tree

3] Made/purchased any cards

So you can see why I insisted on putting up The Tree as soon as I woke. Of course, as usual, nobody paid any attention whatsoever to the extremely important message I was trying to convey, so I stomped off to my room and stayed there till lunchtime. -As I always say, A girl can be mad as long as her tummy ain’t involved-

Thankfully, after eating till my stomach pleaded me to stop, I managed to talk some sense into Uncle Gavin who managed to persuade Aunt Sammy who forced Nat and Norman who cajoled mum who pulled dad who added Grandma and Grandpa into setting up The Tree.

Of course, by the time this whole chain of brainwashing was complete, the sun had set. Nevertheless, the Skarrs set off to the hall, each holding a part of The Tree. It was a merry occasion as everyone pitched in [yes, Kathryn as well, hard as it is to believe] and we finally did it. Yes, we did.

Then, Natalie, Norman and I decorated the whole place and decked up the dining room with mistletoes, holly and wreaths of green. It was a heart-warming moment as my darling cousins jointly placed the golden star on top of The Tree.

When I finally returned to my chamber, all ready to cross off one of the items on my To-Do Before Christmas list, CRASH!!!! There came a ear-splitting bang from downstairs. I rushed as fast as my legs could carry me and voila; right next to a toppled fir, stood Norman, sheepishly clutching his NinjaTurtles blade.

We are going to re-assemble The Tree tomorrow. And you can be sure that I will ban EACH AND EVERY explosive, destructive, detrimental, catastrophic, cataclysmic instrument from miles away from the house. See if I don’t.


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