16.12.2013, Monday, 09:45 pm

Final packing for the trip. To Manhattan. Where I will -FINALLY- be recognised. As a PUBLISHED AUTHOR AT TWELVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO EXCITED that I wore my underwear upside-down. -You probably weren’t dying to hear that…-

There are pluses and minuses, the pluses being [duh] that I am FINALLY leaving for Manhattan and the minuses being that I will have to leave my cousin [And Unc Gavin. And Aunt Samantha] back here.

Why does EVERYTHING thats good have to have a muddy lining??????????? Why can’t I just bask in this wonderfully prestigious achievement WITHOUT feeling sick with guilt about that fact that I am kind of ditching my relatives [who have come over after FOUR YEARS] for some TABLET that I will receive onstage?? Yeah, maybe I AM going to meet some super famous authors and be mentioned [with pictures] in the national papers* but is all that worth bailing out on my family???

We’re going to leave for the airport in one hour, Mum and I. Wish Dad could come to but his back is killing him and I don’t think he would like to spend the next few evenings accompanying me in my victory dance.

On the other hand, maybe it really is best this way, Dad being home, because if he wasn’t then we’d have to lock Feni in a dark kennel where she’d probably be tortured and forced to eat >Gulp!< plain Pedigree Dentastix when EVERYONE knows she is only used to Royal Canine Babydog Milk???

OK, I have to go. Daddy is calling me. And I HAVE to pack you in, Dear Diary [I mean, DeDe]. I just HAVE to. If I don’t I will burst from emotional tension and maybe even… DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[I have to pack you…. I just HAVE to!!!!]


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