13.12.2013, Friday, 08:18 pm

SO sorry I haven’t been able to blog for SO long.

But I have been SUPER busy. There have been tens of thousands of things cluttering my mind every single second of the day. If that ain’t exhausting, add a daily entry in your dusty ol’ journal and you’re gonna be in line for a nervous breakdown, pal!!

On the TERRIFIC side, I have my trip to Manhattan in THREE DAYS [!!!!!!] where I will be finally acknowledged as a published author AT TWELVE [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]!!!! PLUS, my cutsie-wootsie cousins have dropped in for a visit, along with Uncle G and Aunt S and I cannot BEGIN explaining how much I love those guys… AND, if that weren’t enough, my cuzes,’ Kathryn and I are planning a super-secret ”thing.” -Sorry I can’t tell you about it, DeDe, in case Uncle G finds this diary and flips through the pages… He’s been DYING to know what we’re up to-

On the not-so terrific side, I can’t see my school buddies for the next five days [thanks to the weekend and my ”big trip” AND my stupid karate-competition major-flunk keeps nagging me.

I have to go, DeDe. Natalie [she’s ten] and Norman [he’s eight] are calling me for a new update on our super-secret plan. L8R!!!

P.S: I know that there are a lot of people out there who believe that using ”SMS language” is destroying English, but I have read a real mind-changing post on The NY Times stating the exact opposite. And frankly, I prefer trusting a national paper over dumb pedestrians who can’t differentiate Jung from Nadal. SO THERE!!!!!!!


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