10.12.2013, Tuesday, 04:44 pm

Uncle Gavin arrived yesterday morning. I was up all night, wondering how exactly I was supposed to greet him. No WAY was I going to kiss him on the LIPS. -I mean, he may be my uncle and all, but, seriously… Ew [I hope Uncle G NEVER reads that. It would break his heart]- And a handshake was going to be too formal. Maybe a hug?? Or a peck on the cheek???

Anyway, Aunt Samantha and the kids couldn’t make it because of something that came up just a few days before departure, but they’ll be coming tomorrow, and boy am I looking forward to that!!

Yesterday was one of the best days of 2013. It was so awesome seeing Unc G, face-to-face [and not on Skype either]. It was like he wasn’t really there, like I wasn’t really approaching him and then wasn’t really being enveloped by him in the tightest bear-hug I have ever experienced.

It was so, so, so, so, SO cool…

While thinking about how to welcome uncle into the clutches of my home, I managed to dash off a few poems and scribble of a couple of cards and shoved it all into this paper bag I made with the craziest newspaper clippings [like ”man-eating man eats other man”].

I also chucked in this Twix bar that I have had since goodness-knows when. The truth is, I found it in my school blazer pocket the other day and I have no idea when that thing went in. I just hopes he doesn’t start puking once he takes a bite.

Looks like I have to put down my pen. Unc G and I are going CD-hunting for Maroon 5’s latest album, which is his favorite band. At least one member of my family isn’t insane.


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