08.12.2013, Sunday, 09:01 pm

Uncle G [and co] is reaching tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEE!!!!!

It seems like FOREVER since I last saw my second family. It has been a while… four years, to be precise.

I was having lunch with my parents and Kathryn this afternoon and we were discussing the ‘great visit’ and dad was like, ‘Kathryn and Taylor, your mum and I will be waking up at four o’clock and will have to drive quite a distance to the airport to pick up your cousins. I want you girls to promise me that you’ll wake up without a grumble and get yourselves ready for their arrival. Understand??’ [Daddy was talking to us like we were one of his boss-able colleagues because he had just come back from a three hour meeting at The Plaza and was SUPER tired]

‘That is so NOT fair!! I want to come to the airport with you guys!!’I complained, putting my fork down. ‘Honey, you know why you have to stay here, don’t you? Someone has to get the house ready,’ Mum pointed out.

‘As a matter of fact, I DON’T. Why doesn’t Kathryn do it herself?? She’s SIXTEEN. I think she’ll manage,’ I said, spooning a cherry tomato.

‘Taylor this discussion is over. You and Kathryn are staying and that’s final,’ Dad said, adding, ‘And you guys had better brush your teeth, unless you want your Uncle to faint upon arrival,’

I have to admit, that last part almost cracked me up. Almost. I was too made to do anything but choke down that laugh and angrily finish up my food.

See, this is what I get for being the one who sends cards to Aunt Samantha and her family every festive season and birthday. I get the privilege of being stuck at home with my dumb sister who can’t think beyond Maybelline while my parents have a tearful reunion with my relatives at the airport.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better this Christmas.



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