06.12.2013, Friday, 04:29 pm

Just have enough time to dash this off before leaving for karate. -This is the first time in my entire life that I’m actually dreading going for k class. On one hand, I’m thinking what is wrong with me?? on the other hand, I’m like, maybe I am right in being this way. After all, I did fail in my most recent competition. Miserably– Nothing much happened at school.

Did I just write nothing much?? I mean nothing at all. AT ALL. -Unless getting bitten by a red bully ant during sixth period Geography counts as something- I just waked in during Homeroom, slept my way through eight periods before trudging back home.

School is just getting more and more boring by the day. Maybe they’ll start teaching us how to brush our teeth properly from tomorrow. Who knows??


3 thoughts on “06.12.2013, Friday, 04:29 pm

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