03.12.2013, Tuesday, 05:34 pm [Waiting for flight back home]

In the airport.

I can’t explain how frustrating it is to be locked in a closed space with Kathryn for two hours, which is the time we have left to wait here due to this being an international flight and all. I can’t wait to be thrust back into the clutches of my scenic homeland, free to run out of the house if I find my elder sister’s chatter about Coco Chanel too boring.

Apparently Hindu’s believe that what you do in this life affects your next life considerably. So if I were a saint for the rest of my years, when I am reincarnated I will be blessed with riches and money to burn. Which brings about the question;

What have I done to deserve this torture?? [”She” is now talking about beige purses and how they aren’t ”in”] I must have been a serial killer.


4 thoughts on “03.12.2013, Tuesday, 05:34 pm [Waiting for flight back home]

  1. These are the thought that pass my mind when I’m trapped at home with my sis and my parents have gone out for the night…
    🙂 Perfect, Taylor!

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