02.12.2013, Monday, 07:03 pm [Last day in Malibu]

Well, today is my last day in Malibu. I guess I should at least be feeling a teensy bit unhappy, but I just sit on this nearly moss-covered rock, emotionless while staring with glassy eyes at the seas that beckon.

Maybe I’m not feeling so miserable about leaving this paradise because I’m looking forward to going to Manhattan for the writing contest winner’s banquet. Plus, Uncle Gavin and family are visiting after ages and ages, which is some of the happiest news I have received in while.

Last night was FABULOUS. We had dancing, -Indian dancing, [because Uncle Harris’s fiance is Indian so the soon-to-be happy couple decided the theme of the wedding was to be Bollywood] but dancing just the same- cranberry punch, crunchy snacks, music loud enough to burst eardrums, a real happy lot of people… Who could ask for a merrier scene, really??

Mum, Kathryn and I are heading for the airport tomorrow evening. In one of the numerous limos Aunt Tracy hired just for the dropping and picking up -from and to the airport- of the wedding guests.

One thing -or rather, being- I will miss is Neo, Uncle Harris’s -he’s the groom, remember DeDe?- English Mastiff. He really is a doll.

Just last night as I was all ready to go to bed after a jolly party at the discotheque, I felt a warm, fuzzy thing brushing against my feet and voila! There stood dear, darling Neo, who gave me a goodnight lick before curling up on my side of the bed and settling in for the night.

Okay, I have to go now. Aunt Tracy is calling everyone inside for an indoor bonfire. It should be a nice evening, unless Uncle Charles [Aunt Tracy’s dad] decides to recite another one of his “poems.” I swear, if I hear another one of his odes, I will shove him into the fire, honest.


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